CAVU Brewery and Restaurant

Brewery & Restaurant
7536 Fay Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

We Make Craft Beer, Food and Cocktails.

We Honor our Military and the History of San Diego and La Jolla. We are brewers, chefs and patriots. Our missions is to: brew great beer, create wonderful food and mix sublime cocktails. CAVU (ka-voo) brings these aspects together for a truly unique experience that you will find nowhere else.

CAVU is an acronym used in aviation circles meaning “Ceiling and Visibility Unrestricted”. Commonly used by pilots as slang to describe, the Perfect Day. San Diego is full of Perfect Days and is truly CAVU, this is why we live in this wonderful community and others visit our home.

CAVU is also a state of mind and spirit; it’s your perfect day whether that is a destination or an activity.

When you are CAVU in mind and spirit, you are enjoying the best of life.