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La Jolla Limelight

La Jolla is full of amazing businesses with hardworking and creative owners that make La Jolla the unique community that it is. We created the Limelight program to celebrate these businesses while also bringing the community together so we can all enjoy and learn more about La Jolla. The Limelight program is dedicated to sharing the stories of local businesses with the public through our social media platforms. Also, these generous businesses have offered to donate a prize to a lucky winner for participating in this program and listening to their story! So if you’re a curious shopper wanting to participate more in the local community keep reading to learn more about La Jolla Limelight!!

How do you participate in La Jolla Limelight?

Participating is easy just follow our social media pages and look for the La Jolla Limelight posts! On our Instagram account you can join the contest  by commenting on the La Jolla Limelight announcement post. On our Facebook and Twitter accounts you can join by filling out a google form to enter!!

How often do we have La Jolla Limelight giveaways?

We spotlight a new business in La Jolla every 2 weeks! The giveaway will begin on a Monday and lasts for 10 days. You can enter anytime during these 10 days and we will have special ways to enter your name more than once so make sure to watch our stories to see how!

What kind of prizes can you win?

All of the prizes we offer are products/services that the business in the Limelight sells. Our prizes can range from gift cards, spa services, complimentary dining experiences, or select specialty services (e.g. teeth whitening or gym services).