We want to put YOU in the Limelight!!

We love to promote our La Jolla businesses, and La Jolla Limelight is a program we created to do just that! La Jolla Limelight’s goal is to highlight local businesses in La Jolla. This program does that by shining the Limelight on one business every 2 weeks. We share their story with the community and at the end of the 2 weeks we will give away a prize provided by that business to one lucky winner!!

How we promote businesses in the Limelight

Each business will be in the Limelight for a total of 10 days. For each business in the Limelight we post on all of our social media platforms. We collect  images, videos, and background information about the businesses to share with the community. You will see the content we post on our Facebook timeline, Instagram stories and timeline, Twitter feed, and our blog on  Businesses who enter should be ready to tell their story with La Jolla and also provide a prize to giveaway at the end of their time in the Limelight.

How to Put Your Business in the Limelight

To enter into the program you can click HERE to fill out the google form and we will contact you to schedule your week in the Limelight! HERE

What you will need to provide:

  • Business Information (Name, contact person, operating hours)
  • Availability to meet with LJVMA representative
  • Giveaway prize