Mrs. 401k

1205 Prospect St, Suite 400, La Jolla, CA 92037 is 401k TPA that sets up and administers 401k plans for small businesses. We provide an online record keeping software as a service, (a “Management Reporting System 401k”) called ‘Mrs401k’. (

Mrs401k is an approved vendor with the U.S. Dept of Labor; it is used to easily file the annual return for a 401k plan, and the IRS Form 5500 electronically. Employers, Plan sponsors, CPA’s and financial advisers use the Mrs401k online record keeping application for managing, testing, compliance and reporting their 401k plans.

With our online 401k management reporting and record keeping system, users easily record contribution transactions such as type of 401k contribution (employee salary deferral, matching contributions, profit sharing, loan repayment etc..) along with the amount and date. See website for further details and services!