Chayet Travel Network

7580 Fay Avenue Suite 101 92037 United States

Chayet Travel Network was founded in 1987 by Eva Chayet to provide authentic travel experiences to clientele. Based in La Jolla, CA, the travel expert team at Chayet Travel Network can answer all your travel needs for one-of-a-kind travel planning. Their consultants specialize in high-end and exclusive travel for those who are looking for an “above and beyond” experience. Visit the Travel Crew link on our website to learn more about their travel team of Eva Chayet and Jessica Spain-Pasela.

Personalized Service, Based in beautiful La Jolla, California

The Chayet Travel Network team is a personalized staff consisting of Eva, Jessica, and an office assistant. They operate in a store-front location in La Jolla and often schedule face-to-face meetings with clients to plan specialized itineraries. Being a small-boutique team affords the assurance of a personalized planning experience and each step of the trip planning is handled in-office by this dedicated staff.

They Know the Best Places to Go

Chayet Travel Network stands out from many San Diego area travel agencies in that their recommendations for superb travel services come from first-hand experiences and acquired knowledge of “special places” that have been gained during the years they have personally traveled and operated the agency. Additionally, this experience and time have afforded the opportunity for them to vet and build personal relationships with many of the top luxury companies, including destination management companies, tour vendors, cruise lines and hoteliers. Their experience and personal relation