Children’s Pool (Seal Beach)

Children's Pool La Jolla, 834 Coast Blvd S, La Jolla, CA 92037

The Children’s Pool is a small beach partially protected by a seawall. The original intention was to create a fully protected swimming area, but in recent years and has filled in much of the area inside the wall.

This is a popular beach for scuba divers because of the reefs just offshore. These same reefs can create very strong currents and other hazards, particularly in high surf conditions.

This has also become a popular viewing area for harbor seals.  Seals and occasionally seal lions haul out on the beach to rest year-round.  The Children’s Pool Beach is closed to public access during harbor seal pupping season, Dec. 15 through May 15, yearly.

This is a very picturesque beach with a panoramic view. Several small beaches are nearby including Wipeout Beach to the south and Shell Beach to the north.

Children’s Pool is one of nine beaches that has a permanent lifeguard station patrolled by San Diego Lifeguards.

Children’s pool is an excellent place to bring children to enjoy the water that is partially surrounded by the Children’s Pool seawall. This is also a perfect place to go and see the famous La Jolla seals. A rope barrier separates the seals from people coming to see them, keeping both the children and seals safe. You can still get a perfect view of the seals and take amazing pictures while watching the seals relax and play on the beach!