Down to Earth Thai Massage

7447 Girard Ave, La Jolla

Offering a variety of massage therapies–with our specialty: Traditional Thai Massage. If you haven’t had a Traditional Thai massage, you are in for one of the best massage therapies you have experienced.

Thai massage therapy is derived from the ancient culture of Thailand and was originated to help cure themselves within the family. In ancient cultures, Thai massage was used to cure some illnesses, relieve pain and to give birth more easily. No oils or lotions are used, and the recipient wears loose, comfortable clothing during treatment. A variety of yoga-style positions and techniques are used combined with deep, static and recurring pressures. The therapist uses hands, elbows, legs, and feet to apply pressure and position the body in various postures; and walks on the back and legs of the recipient for deeper penetration. One of the best therapies for those needing relief from sore and/or tight muscles. Great therapy for athletes and the physically active person.