Dr. Rachel Hamel DC Wholistic Cranial Chiropractor

1122 Silverado St, La Jolla, CA 92037

Dr. Rachel Hamel at La Luna Natural Health is a holistic cranial chiropractor.

She has a unique practice that focuses solely on the patient and their needs to heal from the inside out. Her craniopathy work is not taught, and she is just one of a few handful in the US trained in this method. She has extensive knowledge in may different fields in order to discover root causes for complaints. She has also spoken at national research conferences regarding her treatments.

Whether looking for pain relief, injury care, sleep difficulties, stress relief, tightness, digestion, hormone deficiencies and allergies, TMJ, headaches, pregnancy, post partum and pediatric care, Dr Hamel can help educate you to your road to healing and optimal function. This truly is a unique healing oasis.