Livkraft Performance Wellness

7710 Fay Ave. 92037 United States

LIVKRAFT is San Diego’s first luxury performance wellness studio that offers a specially curated collection of advanced recovery services in a luxury spa-like setting. Designed to support the health and fitness activities that define the Southern California lifestyle, treatments include whole body and local Cryotherapy, Cryotherapy facial, infrared sauna, float therapy, and Normatec compression therapy. LIVKRAFT is also home to the first health & wellness co-work space in San Diego. Co-work members currently include Dr. CJ Epstein of Team Elite Chiropractic and Dr. Leslie Black ND and Dr. Bronner Handwerger ND of Integrative Health Solutions.LIVKRAFT’s mission is to keep people performing and feeling their best, so they can keep doing the activities they love on a daily basis.