Modernist Cuisine

1241 Prospect St

Modernist Cuisine Gallery’s San Diego outpost is centrally located on Prospect Street in the seaside village of La Jolla. The new 2,200-square-foot space is just a short walk from beautiful La Jolla Cove and one block away from the acclaimed restaurant George’s at the Cove.

Nathan Myhrvold, founder of Modernist Cuisine and lead author of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of CookingModernist Cuisine at HomeThe Photography of Modernist Cuisine, and Modernist Bread, has had a passion for science, cooking, and photography since he was a boy. At the age of nine, Myhrvold cooked Thanksgiving dinner for his family, working out of cookbooks from the local library. A plastic camera was also his constant companion at that time. By 11, he had purchased his first real camera—a Zeiss Contax II, which he found at a thrift store.