Mystique Dining

The Premier Magic Themed Dining Experience.
915 Pearl Street Suite B La Jolla, Ca 92037 USA

Mystique Dining boasts two separate venues with unique and rich atmospheres where guests enjoy a gourmet dinner before participating in an evening of magic presented by the best magicians in the world. Guests select a main dish from several offerings and options. Dietary restrictions accommodated. Performances nightly. Reservations required.

Mystique Dining is an independently operated dining and entertainment concept located in beautiful La Jolla, California.
This beautiful world-class entertainment venue offers the opportunity to escape as a couple, host a group celebration for birthdays or anniversaries and is great for a retreat as a company or team where you will experience the finest entertainment, service and amenities.

The professional and highly trained staff combined with the theatrical flair and Masters of Magic presented by Mystique create one of the most unique and impressive entertainment venues in the world.

Mystique’s Grand Dining Chamber is an elaborately themed and opulently decorated room that is specifically designed to enhance your dining and entertainment experience. This semi-formal intimate chamber features a five-course dinner and is followed by a 45-minute performance, seating no more than 30 guests per performance guaranteeing your experience will be close and personal.

Arrive early and enjoy a glass in our lounge from an offering of select wines and brews both bottled and on tap.

You will witness the artistry and skill of the best magicians in the world and themed performances for the holidays.