Nu Yu Bodywork

7759 Herschel Ave., Suite B, La Jolla, CA 92037

Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage is a luxurious therapeutic modality of massage.

Ashi 足 means “foot” and atsu 圧 means “pressure” in Japanese. Balancing on wood bars suspended from the ceiling, my feet are the massage tool: I create broad, deep, consistent pressure, rhythmically alternating smooth gliding strokes with sustained compressions, and blending techniques from Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Myofascial Release and Thai Yoga Stretching. Compared to mainstream hand-based massage, Ashiatsu can be both more relaxing and more effective.

Ashiatsu helps to decrease systemic and local tension and chronic pain, accelerate recovery, decompress the spine, improve posture, flexibility and mobility, boost feel-good hormones, facilitate blood, lymph and qi circulation.

Nu Yu Bodywork