Pamir Kabob House

737 Pearl St., La Jolla, CA

Pamir Kabob House, family-owned and operated since 2005, features divine, aromatic food and friendly, attentive service.

Afghans are known around the world for their hospitality and food plays a very important role in every aspect of Afghan life. Afghans use food to establish kindness, love, communication, collaboration and unity among people and treat their guests with immense respect. At Pamir Kabob House, our family goes to great lengths to serve guests the best food possible that pleases the palette and makes them feel warm and connected.

Chef Noor’s authentic dishes will take you to the heart of Afghan flavor and hospitality. From the signature lamb kabobs that melt in your mouth, to savory steamed Mantu dumplings that fill your senses, you are certain to find yourself immersed in truly authentic Afghan cuisine from the foothills of the Pamir Mountains.

Serving the finest and freshest Afghan cuisine since 2005.