Siamak Art Gallery

1250 Prospect St, Suite A20, La Jolla, CA 92037

Siamak creates works of art that do not merely copy nature, although he is capable of doing so. Rather, Siamak changes the composition of nature, altering it so that the viewer recognizes something familiar, and yet is mesmerized by something exciting and new. Siamak uses traditional, impressionistic techniques and then incorporates abstraction of perspective, form, and color as part of his unique and daring composition. He is known for his use of the palette knife technique, a demanding method that requires a deliberate touch with no room to correct and repaint. Siamak has owned and operated a successful gallery in La Jolla for over twenty years.

At the top of his artistic form, he continues to create works that communicate his passion, energy, and love for mankind. Seasoned connoisseurs and new collectors alike – who recognize the best in quality, expression, and technique – have enthusiastically acquired the work of Siamak.