Low Profile Baseball Cap


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Discover the perfect blend of fashion and compassion with our exclusive seal-themed baseball caps. These caps aren’t just a stylish addition to your wardrobe—they’re also a powerful statement in support of seal conservation.


Crafted with care, each cap features a unique and vibrant design inspired by the beauty of seals and their ocean habitat. Whether it’s the playful harbor seal or the majestic grey seal, these caps capture the essence of these amazing creatures, bringing a touch of the wild to your everyday look.

A wardrobe icon, the low-profile baseball cap is now yours to customize. Made with 100% cotton, this 6-panel, structured cap features the signature low-profile look that made it famous outside the field. Add your own designs and get the crowd to go wild as you knock it out the park, in custom style.

.: 100% Cotton Twill
.: Structured, Low-Fitting
.: Adjustable Velcro® closure

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