Summer Treats
August is a time to enjoy the many gifts of a San Diego summer from the warmer ocean temperatures to the cool and tasty treats.  The weather is perfect for sightseeing, shopping or chilling with friends and family.  Our blog has some great stories to connect you to La Jolla’s must-experience summer delights from the coastline to cool desserts.  
Summer is Better with Frozen Treats
There’s no better time to check out La Jolla’s growing smoothie scene which seems to be expanding weekly.  If you prefer ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt, you can try them all without ever leaving the Village.
Sustainable Seafood? August is National Water Quality Month reminding us of the fragility of our precious oceans and natural resources.  La Jolla Village is proud to be home to caring, environmentally-minded businesses from sustainable seafood restaurants to clothing stores that are certified organic.
Travel Responsibly – With millions of people heading to San Diego this summer everyone can do their part to protect the environment. Our Blog is the place to learn  5 ways to pull off a more sustainable trip to La Jolla and why the tidepools are such and important part of our coastline.