Job Posted: March 23rd, 2022

Job Title

Retail Associate


The UPS Store

Job Description

Success in this position and on our team requires understanding that the customers may not always be “right” but they are customers, and deserve respect. People from all over San Diego drive way out of their way to come to our stores and choose to do business with us because we deliver world-class customer service. If this sounds like you, then step to the front of the line and come get your spot…

Other responsibilities include completing online training, talking with other members of the team to help each other up and grow your knowledge of our services and products.

Printing, copying, custom packaging, shipping, freight services, notary public and working to support the day-to-day operations of a busy high performing retail location as well as learning opening, and closing procedures for the store. The ideal candidate will be an active part of the retail team, always looking for ways to boost personal and team productivity, morale, and delivering on our commitment to deliver a Five-Star experience to our customers, community, vendors and co-workers.

This possession requires an outgoing personality, exceptional customer service skills and the ability to self-manage and be an active part of a healthy, high performance team in a busy, sometimes demanding retail-service environment. The ideal person will be eager and willing to work as an important part of a team to be an ambassador for the store.


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