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by Robby Robinson

Don’t you wish you could help save the planet while you are sleeping?  You can!

And here’s how that can be done – by buying an Avocado Green Mattress.  The mattresses are designed in New Jersey and handmade in California, in their own factory, with only the finest certified organic, natural, and non-toxic materials.  Their mission is to be the most respected source for organic and natural mattresses, pillows, and bedding at affordable prices – while maintaining environmentally – conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices across the entire supply chain.

Ok – that is a tall order to fill and let’s see how it is all done.

Avocado owns its own factory and by doing that the company can ensure high-quality craftsmanship, sustainable manufacturing practices, and safe and healthy working conditions.

The company owns their own sheep – nearly 200,000 of them wander throughout the Himalayan foothills, enjoying the views.  They are shorn twice yearly and the 100% certified wool is used in the mattresses assuring natural and thermoregulating luxury.

Let’s discuss the foam.  Avocado owns a 4,000-acre rubber tree farm in India.  The sap is hand tapped from the trees. The raw latex is then turned into natural and comfortable foam corps.  Wow!

The coils are made from recycled steel.

Important for you to know: Avocado Green Mattress consistently rates as the #1 top mattress by independent, third party reviewers.  Top marks are given to the company by the likes of Good Housekeeping, U.S. News & World Report, The Today Show, Goop, dwell, Real Simple, and a slew of organic publications and organizations. Yay for Avocado!

And now for a little pat on their backs.  In 2019, Avocado became the first mattress company to be Climate Neutral Certified.  In other words, their carbon footprint is net-zero.  That’s big.  Wait.  It gets even better.  In 2020, the company went carbon negative, offsetting more carbon than it generates – the new bar for all sustainable brands. Buying this mattress is Helping The Planet.

Extra wonderfulness about this company.  Each month they donate money to a nonprofit that inspires them.

Hold on.  Remember the rumor that circulated saying Nordstrom will take back your used tires?  Fake News.  Ready for awesome customer service? Avocado will give you a ONE YEAR trial period of a mattress.  Real news.  And how long is the warranty?  Wait for it – TWENTY FIVE years.  And free shipping. Right?

How did this miracle mattress come about?  2016.  Hoboken, New Jersey, Biggie’s Bar and Restaurant. A party of five (three relatives and two friends) from diverse careers, shared a common vision – to create a green mattress made from nontoxic, natural, and organic materials – that was affordable. They did it!  They mastered a farm to mattress business!  Kudos to them.

Come and visit the new La Jolla Experience Center at 7646 Girard Avenue.  The sleek and chic showroom is truly an alluring space.  There are also showrooms in Santa Monica, and Hoboken, New Jersey.  A new space is due to open in Fullerton shortly.  Visitors to the new space will be able to see into the factory floor, where the team members craft the organic mattresses.  Cool, right?

Why did Avocado Green Mattress select La Jolla as a first San Diego location?

“We chose La Jolla because it embodies so much of what Avocado is all about.  Like Avocado, this is a community that believes in wellness, sustainability, and eco-consciousness.  We believe we’re not just bringing the San Diego our top-rated organic mattresses and bedding products, but a company the local community can be proud to have in its neighborhood”, says Brett Thornton, Vice President of VX and Retail.”  Thank you Mr. Thornton – we’re honored that you selected us for your top drawer business and eye-catching store.

Sleep tight, sleep well, and know that while you are dreaming of making the world a better place – you are!

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