Flex Alert

Sign up for statewide Flex Alert notifications and help strengthen the grid

  1. Did you know a Flex Alert is a call to conserve energy? An alert is triggered by the California ISO when the grid is stressed. The alert helps prevent rotating outages when everyone works together. Sign up for Flex Alert notifications so you know when to conserve energy. Find out more at FlexAlert.org. #sdge #SDGEAssist
  2. During hot summer days when we’re all using air conditioning to stay cool, the energy grid can become stressed by high demand. When this occurs, Flex Alerts are called for all of us to conserve energy to help prevent potential rotating outages. Volunteer to save energy and support the grid this summer. Sign up for Flex Alert notifications today at Flexalert.org. #sdge #SDGEAssist
  3. When our energy grid is overwhelmed, the California ISO triggers a Flex Alert to notify us of preventable, rotating power outages. You can request to receive notifications in advance so you can prepare to reduce your electricity usage and relieve the grid. Want to participate? Sign up for Flex Alert notifications today at org. #sdge #SDGEAssist
  4. Do you know about Flex Alerts? They notify us of preventable power outages and encourage us to conserve energy during times of high energy grid stress. Sign up for Flex Alert notifications so you’ll know when to voluntarily conserve electricity. Find out more at Flexalert.org. #sdge #SDGEAssist
  5. When there is high energy demand, Flex Alerts notify us to conserve so we can avoid preventable power outages. They’re triggered by the California ISO, often in the summer, when everyone is using energy to stay cool. These alerts give us the opportunity to voluntarily conserve electricity. If you would like to support the grid, sign up for Flex Alert notifications today at FlexAlert.org. #sdge #SDGEAssist

Did you know you can help California prevent rotating power outages? By volunteering to reduce your energy use during a statewide Flex Alert, you can make a difference during times of high grid-stress and emergencies. Find out more at FlexAlert.org. #sdge #SDGEAssist