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This week, we are delighted to introduce the first merchant featured for La Jolla Limelight: Parachute Studio! This art studio has a mission to help schools and home-schoolers provide sustainability-based art lessons to grade K-9. EcoArt is part of Parachute Studio’s A“Peel,” which owner Raychel Long describes as “all about appreciating and gaining knowledge about our world. Our art projects focus on sustainability and global issues while integrating important art techniques that level up creative skills.” Raychel’s dream was to work with kids and inspire them to be creative while understanding how they can make a difference in the world. She ended up buying ArtMe, a kids art studio on Prospect Street and turned it into Parachute Studio.

Rachel also shared what inspires her most when it comes to her business:

“Personally, when I see all the challenges that face the world today, I find hope in future generations.  Equipping children with a broad worldview and encouraging creative expression will go a long way in developing a more innovative future in which humans and the planet can thrive together.  My inspiration comes from the moment a child is proud of their artwork, the moment they ask a question and understand how they want to proceed, and every moment that a child is inspired to create.  That is why I have so much fun doing what I do and makes me feel like I have the best job in the world!”

Parachute Studio’s brick-and mortar-studio closed in December 2019, but Raychel has been operating the EcoArts program in elementary schools within the Poway School District. This summer, she will be partnering with La Jolla Recreation Center for summer camps. Summer camps will run for four weeks from June 21st to July 16th. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, students must book for the entire week, which presents the opportunity to revisit and add to the same art pieces day after day.

Regarding the upcoming summer camps, Raychel says, “I have always wanted to run a camp like this, and I’ve been so excited to offer these new activities.  We will work with lots of different supplies, like repurposed materials, oil pastels, acrylic, and watercolors.  The idea is to have a couple of outstanding art projects that the campers will be proud to display in their home, rather than a lot of small pieces that eventually get thrown away.”

These summer camps are a great way to engage with Parachute Studio. Check out the website, https://parachutearts.com, for more information on how to get involved and access video lessons for a variety of projects!