Recently Mayor Todd Gloria held a press conference to specifically discuss plans to deal with Infrastructure issues in the City of San Diego.  You can watch the video as the Mayor provides significant updates to the state of our infrastructure including, road, sidewalk, and streetlight repair.

Here is a summary:


  • Right now, our backlog of non-functioning streetlights is 5,900 and growing.
  • We have reached and agreement with our City employee labor groups on a one-year plan to use private electricians to help reduce our streetlight repair backlog. We are anticipating that this will result in roughly 800 additional streetlights being repaired over one year.
  • While this does not address the entirety of the backlog, we are continuing to look at ways to combat the backlog given the limited number of City electricians. Career opportunities, including electricians, can be found here.


  • Since the heavy rains of January and early February, our Transportation crews have filled approximately 17,000 potholes.
  • Even with all that work, our pothole backlog reached as high as 2,200.
  • We reduced that backlog to about 300 last week. But, because San Diegans are doing exactly what we ask of them – submit reports on “Get It Done” – we’re back up to about 550, and with this week’s storms, we expect that to grow.
  • We are continuing to deploy extra workers on pothole duty – 30 teams on weekdays, 11 on Saturdays and 7 on Sundays.


  • By the end of this fiscal year, we are on pace to repair more than 260 miles of streets across the city.
  • This includes 63 miles of overlay, which is where we grind down old pavement and lay down new pavement.
  • In all, more than 200 street segments are planned for overlay, ranging from less than 1/10th of a mile to about 2-and-a-half miles.
  • In addition, we have plans to complete 200 miles of slurry seal, which is more of a kind of maintenance that extends the life of our streets, during this fiscal year.


  • The amended street preservation ordinance would require utilities and City contractors to quickly repair and better restore the streets that they trench and dig up. In 2024, with these updates in place, we anticipate our Street Preservation Ordinance will alone be responsible for 25 miles of repaired roadway.


  • The overall condition index that identifies the quality of our roads has not been updated since 2015.
  • We have secured a contractor that will begin collecting fresh data from all 2,800 miles of City streets beginning March 1 and complete their work sometime this fall.
  • The overall condition index for streets can be found at https://streets.sandiego.gov/


  • By this summer, we will begin repairs on an estimated 175,000 square feet of sidewalk in 1,450 locations in communities across the city.


If you are in need of help from the Mayor’s office La Jolla’s new Community Representative is Emily Piatanesi (she/her). Emily is very helpful and responsive. Her contact information is below:

C: 619-964-6637

[email protected]