Winter Lights

This winter don’t let the cold sneak up on your energy bill. SDG&E can help with energy-saving programs and tips to help keep your business’s energy costs low – and that makes a difference for your bottom line.

  1. Lower the temperature. Your business can keep comfortable without cranking up the heat. Adjust your thermostat by a few degrees to help reduce your energy bill. Don’t completely turn off your heat overnight though – you’ll use more energy to heat up the building again in the morning.
  2. One of the easiest ways to save money is by controlling your thermostat. Smart thermostats can be adjusted remotely to run energy-efficient schedules. If you join SDG&E’s Smart Thermostat program, you’ll receive $50 per registered thermostat with a max of four thermostats for business and two for your home. Get details at com/MyBusiness.
  3. Did you know ceiling fans help in the colder months too? Change the rotation of your fan blades to clockwise, which will pull warm air down and spread it throughout the room.
  4. Open blinds and sunshades to allow sunlight to heat up the room, especially on south- or west-facing windows. Natural light can warm the space and reduce the need for lighting. When you need to turn on lights, save energy by using energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  5. In work areas that get little use, like storage and conference rooms, install sensors so lights will automatically go off when employees are working elsewhere.
  6. Make sure cold air isn’t drifting into your building by checking weather stripping on your doors and caulking on your windows and other areas that outside air can seep inside. This is especially important in older buildings. You can also put clear, inexpensive plastic sheeting on your windows to add more insulation and reduce cold drafts.
  7. Get a tune-up on your heater to ensure your system is operating efficiently. New, clean air filters can improve airflow and heating. SDG&E has instant in-store rebates up to $500 on the purchase of new, qualifying energy-efficient electric heat pump water heaters and gas water heaters. Learn more at com/rebates.
  8. Make sure your heating air intake and outlet grilles are not blocked by furniture or paper. Obstructed grilles put more of a burden on the system’s fans to move heated air through an office. Also, check your ductwork for air leaks or any damage to insulation.
  9. Check your HVAC filters monthly and clean it or replace it if it’s dirty. Keeping your HVAC system properly maintained can help save on heating costs.
  10. Check if a door provides good insulation by placing your hand against it from the inside. If it feels cooler than the inside walls, it might be time to install a door that’s better insulated.

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