Girard Gourmet

7837 Girard Avene |  (858) 454-3325 |Find Girard Gourmet on Facebook

Ok, readers — I know that I’m way off my reverse alphabetical journey but I had to tell you about my delicious lunch at this iconic La Jolla eaterie.  Don’t let the name fool you — there is nothing fancy about Girard Gourmet.  But the food, ranging from hot and cold dishes to the creative and scrumptious pastries and pies are beautifully displayed. I had beef Burgandy and am drooling as I write it jus thinking about it.  The counter staff is friendly, helpful and passionate about their food.   I’m always delighted to hear them explain and educate guests about the unique dishes.   Husband and wife team Diana and Francois Goedhuys give farm-to-table a literal twist as they have a one-acre garden in Julian which supports the cafe.  Says Diana, “We have everything from eggplant to eggs to pears to peaches. We have 40 fruit and nut trees.”

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