Burger Lounge

7837 Girard Avene |  (858) 454-3325 |www.burgerlounge.com

Again, I’m off my route by hitting a restaurant that begins with the letter “B”  rather than sticking with my reverse alpha order ( I promise to get back to the Rs and Ps next week).  But, sometimes you just need onion rings.  Burger Lounge is my favorite choice for the deep-fried goodness that a basket of onion rings brings.  To keep it “healthy” I typically order the delicious turkey burger or a salad with a burger on the side.  So good and although their website says they’re not that cool, I disagree! Here’s how they describe themselves: “We’re just a neighborhood burger joint. Nothing more, nothing less. We set out to make hamburgers, and wanted them to taste good. Novel idea, right? We figured if our recipes were simple and we used only the best ingredients, you’d get crisp textures, pure flavors, and a burger that’s refreshingly uncomplicated. Turns out, that’s the best way to create a bunch of different meals.”

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