by Erica Chandler and Emi Pang

Looking to try a new restaurant in La Jolla? Craving East Coast seafood? Look no further than Lobster West located at 1237 Prospect in the heart of The Village! We sat down with owner and chef, Chad Taggart, to get the inside scoop on his restaurant that’s making waves in the village!

Where did the Lobster West culinary journey begin?

Beginning in 2013, Lobster West was founded by a New Jersey family’s love of East Coast seafood. Taking inspiration from Maine lobster rolls, the family put their heads together to create the perfect recipe to share with San Diegans. Wit


h only a few ingredients in the dish, Chad and his family made sure to have the freshest lobster, fantastic bread that is locally baked, and even the best butter and mayonnaise. Lobster West continues to fine-tune its recipe and share the magic with its customers!

What is the family background and how does it play into Lobster West?

Originating from New Jersey, Chad followed his mom and sister all the way to San Diego. While taking in the beautiful rays and rich culture, they still felt something was missing. Chad and his family worked together to bring some of their favorite food, lobster rolls, coast to coast. Lobster West was a “grassroots effort” by the family and their passion is translated into the exceptional taste of their food. 

Where is Lobster West headed in the next 10 years?

With three locations already, Lobster West hopes to continue to expand its brand across San Diego. Never sacrificing quality over quantity, Lobster West continues to bring its crab cakes; chowder; and of course lobster, shrimp, and crab rolls to more and more San Diegans- the right way. 

Where did the name ‘Lobster West’ come from?

Much like their menu, the beauty is in the simplicity. ‘Lobster West’ came from the act of taking east coast lobster and bringing it out west to the Golden Coast, a “to the point name”.

What is the inspiration behind being a business owner in La Jolla?

La Jolla is known for more than just beautiful beaches and playful seal pups, Chad loves the tight-knit community feel in La Jolla. The village is its “own entity” and neighbor-driven. With Lobster West’s family background, there’s no better place than La Jolla to begin community outreach and share the craft with others. 

Lobster West is a must-visit for your next trip to La Jolla. Grab a drink, pick up an authentic Maine lobster roll, head down to one of our beautiful beaches, Scripps Park and enjoy America’s finest city!