Blog Parks

There are a number of lovely green parks scattered throughout La Jolla. Clean and safe, they are ideal for relaxing and taking in a beautiful La Jolla day. Here are a few of the most popular:

Ellen Browning Scripps

A large, gorgeous expanse of land at the bottom of Coast Blvd. Attractively adorned with tall palm trees and nestled right between downtown La Jolla and the edge of the ocean, this park has been called the most photographed spot in San Diego. It is a very popular location for beach weddings and other outdoor activities.

Kellogg Park

Further north adjacent to La Jolla Shores Beach, is a great park for families. It’s playground, large parking lot and proximity to the beach make it convenient for parents and children alike to enjoy the day.

Cuvier Park

Located at Coast Blvd and Cuvier Street, is a small but breathtaking park that seems to be made for weddings. The park has gorgeous unobstructed views of the water and sits below street level, which gives it a little more privacy than most public parks.