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Divers from all over the world can’t resist submerging themselves in the beauty of La Jolla Cove. It’s caves, reef areas and kelp beds offer some of the region’s most interesting diving experiences. It’s a great spot for underwater photography or for just taking in the sights through your mask.

The cove’s waters are part of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, a 6,000-acre area of protected tidelands and marine life. As a result, the cove is teeming with undisturbed sea life. Fish of every color of the rainbow, lobster, seals and sharks inhabit the cove. You are guaranteed to have some memorable undersea encounters.

The cove is a safe depth of approximately 15-30 feet, and enjoyed by divers of all skill levels, day and night. The moderate water temperature and calm current make it a great spot for beginners. There is a changing area nearby with bathrooms, showers and telephones.