Brick And Bell
928 Silverado Street | (858) 999-0034 |


Who doesn’t love a good coffee house?  Especially the kind of place with plenty of outdoor seating, super friendly (and photogenic) staff, and incredible pastries?  Kelli Metcalf and I reconnected at the groundbreaking of Enhance La Jolla’s landscape improvements along Girard (see previous post) and headed over to Brick and Bell where we ran into others from the event who had the same caffeinated idea.   Of course they did!

Brick and Bell has been serving the community of La Jolla since 2003 and is a local’s paradise. Their patio offers great people-watching, is very pet-friendly and is the kind of place where no one is a stranger.  According to their website: “We bake our Famous Scones and Pastries every morning in the cafe along with our Crazy Good Granola.  Sourcing green coffee from all corners of the world, we take great care in roasting our Colombian Coffee and European Espresso.  With over 15 years of success in La Jolla, we look forward to meeting you in hopes of making yet another Brick & Bell friend.”

Want to join us for a culinary adventure?  Send an email to [email protected], Subject line: 52 in 52