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La Jolla Village Merchant’s Association is excited to relaunch its popular peer-to-peer Block Captain program. Anyone can be a Block Captain —  even people who do not have a business in La Jolla Village.  We are looking for people who are friendly and helpful and want to get to know their neighboring merchants.   The goal is to help busy merchants stay on top and connected to La Jolla Village activities by assigning them an ambassador to help answer questions, deliver information, share news, and explain resources.

Captains Wanted! We are looking for approximately 24 people to take on the Block Captain role throughout La Jolla Village. Each Block Captain will be assigned a small, convenient “zone” that will include about 50 merchants (retail, restaurants, offices – even churches and non-profits.)

Block Captain FAQs

  1. Who can be a Block Captain? Anyone with a connection to La Jolla Village can be a block captain! This is an especially great opportunity for restaurants, retailers, community members, those new to town, retired business people, and sales/marketing people to build relationships.
  2. How will I know what businesses are in my zone? Zone Captains will be given an initial list of the businesses located in their assigned “Zone” including basic information: Business name, contacts phone number, address, type of business, number of employees, etc. It’s a great way to learn about your neighbors, too!
    What will I say when I talk to businesses in my zone? Whether you are a La Jolla Village Expert or a newbie – we’ll provide you with the training and information you’ll need to feel confident and smart! Our website is comprehensive and we’re developing digital and physical promotional tools for you to share.
  3. What type of time commitment is expected of Block Captains? Initially, it may take a few hours each month to introduce yourself to your Zone. As time goes on and people get to know you may move a little faster (or slower) depending upon your personality.
  4. How will we keep this fresh and exciting? There’s so much happening in the Village it can feel a little overwhelming at times! To keep things coordinated and consistent, we’ll create one or two talking points each month for Block Captains to share ranging from Storefront Improvement Grants to upcoming events. We’ll gather the info, share it with Block Captains, who share it with businesses.  Block Captains do this at a time that works for them!
  5. How long will I be a Block Captain? This is up to you! We hope BCs will “own their zone” for at least 6 months to a year but also understand that many businesses are seasonal making it difficult to commit long term. Ultimately, as the program grows, each Block Captain might recruit an “alternate” or co-captain to assist and can pinch-hit in your absence.
  6. Is all of this set in stone? Heck, no! We’re just getting started. This is a work in progress so jump on board and help us progress! We are in brainstorming mode; all ideas and suggestions are welcome!
  7. How can I learn more? Click here to register for an online information session via ZOOM.  The first one is scheduled for September 13 at 9:30 AM.  If you are unable to make the meeting we’ll send you the recorded meeting and a follow-up email. We’ll get in touch individually to answer any questions you may have.