Parking Flyer (1)

While parking continues to be a hot topic in La Jolla, the parking forum has been postponed indefinitely.  Please follow our blog for the latest information related to topics such as the ones below.

    • Parking and Mobility Facts – Parking Inventory, How Parking Impacts Traffic, Off-street parking usage, Valet Parking usage, La Jolla Parking Costs vs. other communities, the rise of Uber/Lift, Visitor Survey Data (LJVMA)
    • Relationship between Parking and Community Planning
    • Parking Solutions
      • Motivation: Creating incentives to motivate off-street parking
      • Merchants: Diminish/discourage employee and long-term on-street parking & hopping from one on-street short-term spot to another
      • Marketing: Communication plan to direct drivers toward ample off-street parking inventory