The rising cost of energy is straining a lot of Southern California households. SDG&E hears your concerns and wants you to know what you are paying for. Supplying power to the community includes the cost of energy production, delivering that energy, plus the costs of building and maintaining infrastructure that ensures clean, safe and reliable energy in the future.

Why is SDG&E’s pricing higher than other utilities?

  1. We use a higher amount of renewable energy to address climate change than other utilities
  2. We have developed the nation’s leading wildfire safety program to keep communities safe
  3. Technology subsidies required by the state and paid for by customers, such as Net Energy Metering, increases electricity costs for customers without solar by about $260 per year
  4. Legislative mandates that account for about 24% of electricity rates
  5. We make improvements to ensure the power grid remains safe and reliable

Your energy bill is impacted by weather, how much energy you use and energy market conditions. What you may not know is that your energy bill is also impacted by regulatory proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). SDG&E, alongside consumer advocates and other key stakeholders, participates in many CPUC proceedings throughout the year. SDG&E works aggressively to reduce the energy cost burden on its customers while continuing the pursuit of California’s ambitious climate goals.

The price SDG&E pays for electricity and natural gas is the exact same price our customers are charged. There is no markup of any kind and SDG&E makes no profit on energy procurement. There are no quick fixes for lowering the cost of energy but SDG&E provides several programs for those needing payment assistance. Learn more at

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