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by Robby Robinson

Who wants pizza?  I do, I do!  Who wants fried calamari?  I do, I do!  Who wants a Greek salad?  I do, I do!  Who wants a salmon wrap?  I do, I do!  Whaaaa?  All of this variety at a pizza place?  Wait – it gets better.  This precious little place also offers wraps, many pasta choices (shrimp rigatoni!), kabobs, and desserts, too!  Did we mention pastrami sandwiches? And so much more.  Literally, there is something for everybody.

Helen Lee bought Pizza Pronto four years ago.  She was no stranger to the pizza business as she had previously owned a Domino’s franchise in South Korea. It’s truly a family business.  Helen employs her son, Jake, and his new bride Julia.  Friendliest People Ever.

Pizza began its popular food career in Naples, Italy, in the late 1700s.  It began as a flatbread consisting of cheese, mozzarella, and tomato sauce – none of today’s fancy stuff like clams, rustic fig, chicken tikka, applewood bacon, fried calamari, rhubarb, grilled peaches, beets, and pistachios.  However, if you were in Australia, your toppings might include crocodile, emu, and kangaroo.  Seriously.

Italian immigrants introduced pizza to the United States in the early 1800’s.  When WW11 veterans returned to the US after fighting in the Italian Campaign, the demand for pizza rose.  There was a ready market for the yummy flatbreads.

Ready to chew on some fun pizza facts?  Here goes!

  • Which cities have the best pizza?  Chicago, New York, New Haven, Orlando, San Francisco.
  • Which are the best pizza sales days?  Super Bowl (surprise, surprise), New Years’ Eve, Halloween, New Years’ Day and the night before Thanksgiving (better to not scarf up the stuffing).  Domino’s reports that their drivers log in a total of 4 million miles on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • What restaurant serves the most expensive pizza in the world?  Louis XIII, Salerno, Italy.  Ready for the price?  $12,000 per pizza!  And why?  The pizza is loaded with three types of caviar, lobster is flown in from Norway, and perfectly aged dough.  Talk about dough!
  • In which country, per capita, do folks consume the most pizza.  You will never ever guess this one.  Norway.

Want some more cheesy pizza facts?

  • In what city was the longest pizza made?  Fontana, California.  The finished product was 6,333 feet.
  • What is the highest-grossing independent pizzeria in the nation?  Moose’s Tooth Pub, Anchorage.  $6M a year.
  • 94% of Americans regularly eat pizza.  Steady pizza eaters consume on average 23 pounds of pizza annually,  HELLO Weight Watchers.
  • Get this!  Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachov had a pizza delivered to him while in orbit!  And you think your pizza guy was a rock star for schlepping All The Way from Claremont.
  • Who wants to take a small pizza quiz?  No cheating.
  • What is the most common pizza topping?  Pineapple.  Kidding!  It’s pepperoni. Pizzerias go through 25l,770, 000 pounds of pepperoni per year.
  • Which is more popular in the U.S. – thin crust or thick?  Thin.
  • Are men or women better tippers?  WOMEN!

Try out Pizza Pronto for yourself and leave room for the tiramisu!

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