Robby Larger
Meet Robby Robinson, La Jolla Writer/Columnist

Robby Robinson is a woman on the go.  She is typically seen roaming the Village with her husband Chuck and adorable Seymour, the four-legged senior member of the Robertson household.  Through Seymour, Robby has met new friends, discovered new places and most importantly learned where all of the good treat stops are.  As a La Jolla resident, professional writer, and publicist, Robby will be lending her talents as our resident blogger; going behind the scenes of La Jolla’s iconic, new and unique businesses. new merchants and services.

It would be only fitting that Robby would be just mad about writing a column featuring a behind-the-scenes look into the Village’s merchants and stores. Robby has a 35-year history in retail and public relations. She has owned retail clothing stores in La Jolla and Pacific Beach and owned a PR marketing and events firm specializing in fashion, retail, beauty, and style. Her most recent endeavor entails pro bono writing and marketing for non-profit organizations. Flip through the column and get a look behind the merchants’ front doors.

Upcoming columns will feature La Jolla’s newest businesses — injoi CBD and Decker’s Dog + Cat as well as those with fierce longevity such as Warwick’s and Harry’s.