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By Jennifer Rios

          Its fall and the sun keeps rising later and later so we all need a good coffee fix to help us wake up. Foetunately, Pinpoint Cafe is here to make sure La Jolla stays awake and energized! We talked to Pinpoint Cafe to learn about how they got started and where they are heading so you can learn more about the amazing businesses in your community! 

           Pinpoint Cafe had a unique start selling food and drinks at Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Sisters Caroline and Aline soon expanded their business to a physical location in Del Mar, and then another right here in La Jolla! The beauty of Pinpoint Cafe is that it is not just another chain coffee shop that’s cold and impersonal. Pinpoint Cafe baristas are knowledgeable and ready to give any recommendations on food and drinks that they have to offer. They strive to create lasting relationships with their customers, remembering names and orders, ensuring your morning is just a little bit less stressful.  (And they know to never comment on what you look like before you have your morning coffee.) They also have a dog mural of customers puppies, so next time you stop by make sure to bring your dog so you can both be a part of the Pinpoint experience! 

    Pinpoint Cafe has been a staple in La Jolla during the pandemic. They were there the first days after everything shut down when the streets were quiet and abandoned. But, they determinedly held their doors open and provided top quality coffee and food to everyone who needed it. They continue to practice strict cleaning habits and ensure that everyone that visits stays safe and healthy. COVID-19 hit the food industry hard but Pinpoint Cafe saw it as an opportunity to connect with their customers and improve their efficiency and take-out procedures! 

            What does the future hold for Pinpoint Cafe? They plan to double in size by 2022! So don’t worry that your favorite coffee place is going to be too busy to make time for you. Pinpoint Cafe is growing with their customer base to ensure that they are still able to provide that personal touch to all their interactions! If you haven’t already visited Pinpoint Cafe on Ivanhoe, come check it out and experience the great food and drinks they have to offer!