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By Jennifer Rios

This week in the Limelight we are celebrating Teuscher Chocolates San Diego! Located on Girard Ave. on the second floor, this cute, upscale shop has a variety of gluten free chocolate options that will satisfy any chocolate lover.

Teuscher sells delicious truffles and pralines that come all the way from Switzerland. For those who are not sure what chocolates they like or want to try something new, Teuscher offers pr-arranged gift boxes so you can try a variety without stressing about what to choose. For those who want to be more specific in their choices Teuscher also offers the option of choosing each piece of chocolate in an assorted box.  The staff and owner at Teuscher are extremely welcoming and knowledgeable and ready to help those who need it. The first time I wandered into Teuscher, lured by the sight and smell of the chocolate, I was a little overwhelmed about the new and various flavors that were offered. But I didn’t have to worry, the staff was extremely helpful and asked me about my tastes and made suggestions, explaining the specific tastes of each chocolate and its ingredients. I loved their suggestions so much I came back for more, walking in with my head held high, a new chocolate connoisseur because of all the information they shared with me on my previous visit.

Teuscher today is getting in the holiday spirit, offering Thanksgiving themed gift boxes that would be a great gift to bring to a family dinner or to impress some new in-laws. They also do an amazing job shipping to various location throughout the US, so you can send a special gift to your family that might be too far to visit this year, to let them know you’re thinking of them. So, come stop by and found out what your favorite chocolate will be from this amazing shop in La Jolla Village!