Article by Barbara Bloom – This post is brought to you by Africa and Beyond.

The blockbuster film Black Panther has been setting box office records and garnering accolades, particularly in the area of set design. The fictional Wakanda, a cinematic take on Afrofuturism, draws from a breathtaking host of authentic details to reimagine a place and a people with a deep, proud history. Africa and Beyond™, the La Jolla African art gallery, contributed to the movie’s distinctive look.

This wasn’t the first time gallery owners Ian and Julie Allen were approached by a production team’s prop master to provide pieces for various scenes. The gallery has provided props for such films as Dave, The Patriot, Legends of the Fall, and Congo.

When the Allens were contacted by the studio, they knew they’d be able to provide the items the team was seeking and offer suggestions on other pieces to add realism to an imaginary land that began as a designer’s vision.

“We have always distinguished the gallery through the art, sculpture, artifacts, and jewelry that we represent. The unique cultures of Africa cover a vast range of styles. We worked with the prop master to come up with items that made sense from a visual and utilitarian standpoint,” said owner, Ian Allen.

From the functional bowls, vessels, and baskets to the more elaborate ceremonial masks and decorative Shona stone carvings, it’s authenticity that makes Africa and Beyond stand out. The team from The Black Panther knew it was that sort of authenticity that would set the film apart. And it has.

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