Buskers Blog
As we slowly emerge from a live entertainment coma, it’s great to see musicians out and about adding ambiance to public spaces and places.  COVID hit both entertainers and small business owners especially hard.  That’s we’re inviting buskers to bring their talents to La Jolla.  What’s a busker?  According to dictionary.com, busker (comes from the Spanish word buscar, which means “to search” and refers to people who perform music or other entertainment in the street or another public place usually for tips.  Whether for a few hours or on a more regular basis, we’re hoping to create an informal “stage” for entertainers while attracting shoppers and diners to La Jolla Village.
LJVMA is not contracting with these performers but rather acting as a “matchmaking service” between buskers and those merchants willing to play host by providing electricity and access to space in front of their storefront.   This is a pilot program and will be evaluated based on its success.
Buskers or merchants who would like to be “matched” can complete this online form.  Performers will need to include a link allowing merchants to preview their act in order to create a perfect connection.