Jodi By Jodi Resized

By Julia Espinosa

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t introduce one of the people who runs the show… Miss Jodi Rudick! 

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi, where on Earth do I begin? First of all, she is best described as kind, entertaining and fierce! It is safe to say that the majority of the events in La Jolla Village would not be possible without this fiery redhead. Jodi is responsible for keeping everyone in check, including our interns at the La Jolla Village Merchants Association. If you haven’t had the honor and privilege of meeting her at our many events, fear not. You may be fortunate enough to see her running (yes, literally running) in high heels and a pretty dress all throughout the Village! 

If you see her, be sure to say hi (if she hasn’t already said hi first). You won’t regret it!


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