Temp Outdoor Parking Lane

Need more space due to Social Distancing orders? Restaurants, retailers and other businesses can apply to expand onto the sidewalk or street using an online application.  This permit will allow for the temporary use of a street, sidewalk, parking lane or private property for business. he San Diego City Council will consider this interim urgency ordinance in as early as July 7, 2020.

The Temporary Outdoor Business Operation Permit supports the recovery of local retail outlets and restaurants devastated by economic impacts from COVID-19 by helping businesses with limited footprints operate in outdoor settings adjacent to their businesses and get closer to the sunshine. The goal is to help dining and retail outlets with space constraints expand operations outdoors so they can cost-effectively implement safety, health and distancing protocols.

Requirements & Conditions

The permit will temporarily allow for the expansion of outdoor dining and retail on to the public right-of-way, private parking lots or public spaces.

Issuance of the temporary permit will be subject to new guidelines or mandates for public gatherings and social distancing in accordance with the County of San Diego public health ordersCalifornia Department of Public Health guidelines and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. As with all guidance that relates to COVID-19 response, permit requirements will be regularly evaluated or updated to respond to any changes to ensure the public health and safety.

Eligible Businesses

The following businesses with an active business tax certificate and all other applicable license or permits may apply:

  • Eating and drinking establishments
  • Retail and wholesale businesses

Eligible Locations

A temporary permit may be granted to conduct business outdoors on:

  1. Private property, including off-street parking lots, patio areas, and yards. This will also be for sit-down dining or customer pick-up and carry-out service while avoiding congregating, equipment sharing or sound amplification.
  2. Public rights-of-way, sidewalks, street parking spaces and possibly closing select streets.

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