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Local businesses may be worried about their energy bill as summer arrives and as they try to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. Businesses can take advantage of SDG&E programs to help stretch bill payments over a longer time, find the best pricing plan, and take online energy webinars.

Qualifying SDG&E small business customers can enroll in the Level Pay program. If your energy bill goes up or down, you’ll pay the same amount each month (based on their average bill the previous 12 months) for three months. Then, adjustments are made to the monthly payment every three months based on actual usage. Check out a short video that explains the details of the program at

SDG&E’s Business Contact Center, which can be reached at 1-800-336-7343, helps business customers set up payment arrangements if they’re struggling to pay their utility bill because of COVID-19.

Being on the right SDG&E pricing plan can make a big difference in a business’s bottom line. Visit which has instructions on how to choose a pricing plan that best meets a business’s needs while keeping energy costs under control.

Free online webinars are offered to business customers who’d like to expand their knowledge on energy-related topics such as energy-efficient lighting, cooking equipment, and HVAC systems. A list of webinars can be found at

SDG&E has a webpage dedicated to COVID-19 resources for business customers at Links to local, state and federal financial assistance programs are available on this site.

Get more tips on how small businesses can save energy at