78 Degrees

June gloom is behind us which means summer’s hottest days are ahead.  Summer heat waves can drive up the temperature – and your business’s energy use.  Now is the perfect time to set your business up for summer energy savings success. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Know the details of your SDG&E energy pricing plan. Your pricing plan impacts your bottom line. As summer temps rise, review your business’s pricing plan and energy use on sdge.com to learn when to conserve energy. If your pricing plan includes event days, prepare to reduce your energy use for on-peak and event-day hours (4 – 9 p.m.) when an activation is called.
  2. Implement energy-saving strategies. Use motion detectors to control lighting in frequently unoccupied areas and photocells to turn lights off automatically when enough daylight is detected. Get more energy-saving tips at com/Business-Summer.
  3. Sign up for energy alerts. You can sign up for alerts through SDG&E’s My Account to receive notifications when an Event Day occurs. This way you can prepare for any shifts in operations to conserve energy.
  4. Take advantage of SDG&E’s business programs. Sign up for a Demand Response (DR) program that provides incentives to businesses when they can reduce electricity use when the demand is higher.
  5. Does your business need help with its SDG&E bill? You can set up a payment plan on com/help-with-bills. Visit sdge.com/recovery for more options.