Help make California’s energy grid stronger, safer and more reliable for all Californians this summer – and get paid for it too! The Power Saver Rewards program rewards you for lowering your electricity use when energy is in high demand. This summer, it pays to be flexible.

Here is how it works. Increased demand for cooling on hot summer days strains the electrical grid and creates a higher risk of power outages. If you are eligible and can reduce your energy use during a Power Saver event between the peak hours of 4 p.m. – 9 p.m., you may receive a bill credit. The more energy you conserve, the more you can save!

Participation is voluntary and there is no penalty if you are unable to conserve energy. It’s a win-win because you’ll save on your monthly energy bill and contribute to a cleaner environment. Visit to enroll or find out more about the program.