Staying creative with social media can be a challenge, but it is also essential to keeping your audience engaged and interested in your content. Here are a few tips for staying creative.  Each month Our Blog will feature social media ideas to help you add content to your channels.

Here are some social media ideas for April:

  1. Celebrate spring: Share photos of spring flowers, baby animals, and other signs of spring. Encourage your followers to share their own photos and stories about what they love about spring.
  2. National Humor Month: Share funny memes, jokes, or stories that will make your followers laugh. You can also run a contest asking your followers to share their funniest jokes or memes.
  3. Earth Day: April 22nd is Earth Day. Share tips and ideas for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, or highlight companies and organizations that are making a positive impact on the environment.
  4. La Jolla Concours d’Elegance – April 21 – 23
  5. National Poetry Month: Share your favorite poems, or encourage your followers to write and share their own poetry. You can also share quotes about the power of poetry and its impact on the world.
  6. Easter: Share photos of Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and other Easter-related activities. Encourage your followers to share their own photos and traditions.
  7. Tax Day: April 15th is Tax Day in the United States. Share tips and advice for filing taxes, or highlight companies that are offering tax-related discounts or promotions.