Spring season is here in La Jolla with great weather, beautiful beaches, and a bustling village! People from all around come to view the lovely scenery and enjoy the sun. It’s difficult to not see why La Jolla attracts so many! La Jolla is the perfect example of a place that demonstrates what our planet has to offer! As we celebrate Earth Day at the end of the month, this is a great time to celebrate our earth and honor it! One way that this can be done is by visiting environmentally friendly boutiques here in the area! Here are some shops to go to during the month of April: 

  1. Aviator Nation has ninety-seventies style outfit selections for men, women, and children to enjoy! Located on Girard Ave, Aviator Nation is not only a great representation of the La Jolla culture, but all of the clothing is handmade in America in their California factory. Aviator Nation through its clothing line desire to inspire the world by uniting driven individuals and firmly believe that the quality of its products is first on its list. Southern California culture is important to them with their mission statement “Live. Love. Fly.”, reflecting their appreciation for times when surfing, music, and community drove the culture to what it was then and what it is now.    
  2. Lululemon La Jolla is another shop to visit in April. Within the last two decades, LuluLemon has manufactured its clothing in a high-quality and environmentally friendly way while conserving the use of natural resources and making its clothing last longer. One of the three central pillars of Lululemon is in fact helping the planet! For the owners and employees, selling high-quality, comfortable, and aesthetic clothing is not their only mission. Lululemon strives to make and sell their apparel for a larger purpose where everyone including the customers can feel good knowing that they contributed to helping our planet! 
  3. Totem Sanctuary offers a handful of eco-friendly clothing as well as skin care products and more for their customers! Totem Sanctuary uses its resources to also donate to organizations that benefit the community as well as our planet. Not only does Totem Sanctuary desire to help the planet, but the employees are also passionate about their customers’ satisfaction and well-being offering beautiful and high-quality products to every customer. 
  4. Whiskey and Leather is one of our newer stores here in La Jolla, despite the business being around since 2013! This shop’s collection of sustainable and fashionable clothing and other home goods beautifully represents Southern California culture. Founders and owners Ariel Hujar and Zee Chew met and became friends off on a common interest they both shared in fashion and nature and wanted to create a business based on their shared passions. Selling products such as clothing products as well as shoes and home goods, Hujar and Zee’s desire to share their love of fashion and nature with their customers came a long way starting in Montecito California, and now to La Jolla. Since then, they have been offering their customers the best quality products, while also making our world more sustainable as well as beautiful! 

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