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This month the City of San Diego Fire Marshal is scheduled to visit all areas of the City, including La Jolla, to meet with those businesses which have set up outdoor business operations due to COVID regulations.  The Fire Marshal is dedicated to keeping visitors safe and will answer questions about the use of heaters, tents, decks, and other structures.  Deputy Fire Marshals will be in La Jolla on February 17 and 18.  See the entire Fire Marshal Inspection Schedule HERE.

Staying safe does not have to be expensive.  There are multiple no- and/or low-cost options available to support compliance efforts.


Please see the below links for important information regarding the use of heaters, and COVID19 indoor/outdoor definitions for the use of tents and temporary structures. A business may be required to obtain a permit by completing and submitting this permit application from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department if they currently have, or propose to install, a tent or temporary structure covering more than 400 square feet. Attachments include:


The following options are available to help dining and retail outlets open or expand operations outdoors so they can cost-effectively maintain safety, health, and distancing protocols.

  • No-construction Option: Most previously issued Temporary Outdoor Business Operations Permits allow for business operations to exist in the public right-of-way during regular business hours.
  • Simple Deck/Platform: The City Engineer recently issued pre-approved specifications that may be used with no additional architectural or engineering services to apply for a new Temporary Outdoor Business Operations Permit or amend an existing one.
  • Custom Deck/Platform: Submitted permit drawings must be signed and stamped by a responsible design professional such as a registered Civil or Structural Engineer licensed in the State of California.

For questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Additional information about available options is of course available at the City’s Temporary Outdoor Business Operations Permits web page.