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by Robby Robinson

While wandering down Girard Avenue, you cannot help but turn into Adelaide’s florist.  The aromas of this wonderland draw you in and the rest of your senses are then aroused. An explosion of color greets your eyes. The merchandised flower arrangements, plants, and gift displays are to perfection.  A+ on the fragrance,  A+ on the visuals.  And, get this, even an A+ on the taste buds!  Adelaides carries truffles by Moonstruck – out of Oregon.

Adelaides has been providing fine floral arrangements to homes, hotels, restaurants, and events for over 80 years.  The florist is known for designing dreamy and glamorous weddings and has even produced a few hush-hush affairs. Nope -my lips are sealed. Adelaides will accommodate all of your needs from traditional 30’s and 40’s displays to hipster edgy.  The designers work with all of the generations of Adelaides clients.

Yes – there was an Adelaide!  Adelaide Phillips began her business in 1936 as a roadside stand in Encinitas with a walloping $6 investment.  The Phillips family moved into the current location, 7766 Girard Avenue, in 1945. The business was sold in 2010. Larry Anhorn and Jerry Parent (who also owned FloraStyle) were hired to lead the store’s creative vision.  Parent and Anhorn bought the store in 2016.  Fun fact – they work alongside Adelaide’s two granddaughters! Green thumb, indeed, must be hereditary in one’s DNA (I’m on google right now).

Flower trivia:

  • How many species of flowering plants are there? Up to 400,000! You didn’t know that?
  • What’s the most popular flower?  I’m waiting.  Yes – you got this – the rose.
  • The other most popular flowers are Peruvian lilies, Cala lilies, daisies, gardenias, gerbera daisies, lilies, and orchids.
  • How many species of orchids are there?   Up to 30,000!
  • Flowers for $800, Alex. What is the rarest flower in the world?  The Middlemist Red Camilla.  Only two known examples are believed to exist- one in London and one in New Zealand.  The plant was brought from China to England in 1804 by John Middlemist. Google – its a stunner.  Google it!

Larry Anhorn and Jerry Parent are proud to be the ones to carry on Adelaides fine name and reputation.  They feel privileged to keep the creative engine running. Well, gentlemen, we consumers feel privileged to have the opportunity to shop and browse in your floral masterpiece!

Thanks for reading.  We’re sending you bouquets of love.

Yay for flower power!

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