Injoi CBD
Two Locations: 5604 La Jolla Blvd., 858-255-8500 | 1237 Prospect St. Ste.F, 858-750-3150

by Robby Robinson

Shawn and Patty McManigal and Joe and Karla Britt are pleased to have opened two chic and shiny CBD stores in La Jolla.

“We create our premium quality CBD products with wellness in mind and are excited to showcase them in our two new stores in beautiful La Jolla,” comments Shawn.

With so many CBD products available, it is important to have a local store where knowledgable salespersons can answer customer questions. Injoi is an expert in the field.  There are over 100 phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant from which CBD hemp extract is derived.  These plant-based cannabinoids interact with our own human endocannabinoid system to help promote balance in our bodies.  Much research is being done on all of the benefits of CBD, and many clients obtain therapeutic relief from chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other troubling issues.

“The most common misconception about CBD is that it will get you ‘high’”, remarks Shawn.  “This is simply not true.  Legal hemp CBD products contain less than .3% THC, which is the compound that produces psychoactive effects.  With our broad-spectrum products clients receive the benefits of CBD along with the favorable effects of other minor cannabinoids”, explains McManigal.

CBD can also be beneficial for pets!  Our beloved companions are able to derive relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and joint issues. Animal supplements are formulated specifically for them.

The Injoi product line includes hemp supplements, topical creams, pet supplements, and edible candies – all without THC.

“We are happily looking forward to being in this stellar community.  The combination of delightful residents and a dazzling setting make La Jolla a magical place and we are eager to join in!” Shawn remarks. Feel free to contact [email protected]