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by Robby Robinson

Casual, comfortable, chic, and unique Gracie & Co. is about to reopen its stylish doors.  This popular La Jolla women’s clothing boutique has been dressing ladies for 35 years.

“I’ve seen my customers marry, have children, and now grandchildren”, says store owner Judi Shapery.  “It’s not unusual to see three generations of women come in the doors together – it’s just wonderful.  I love the family we have established.”

Cashmere is a fan favorite with companies such as White & Warren and Claudia Nichole on display.  Ms. Shapery combs companies far and wide to find a special jacket, pants, dress, or top.  “I only buy a limited number of each piece, so my customers won’t see their favorite new Gracie & Co. jacket on other women at George’s or Catania”, comments Judi.

The store is chock full of sporty linen jackets in tangerine, jade, and white.  Our flirty summer dresses are just adorable – you must see to believe!

Gracie & Co. is a well-known destination for those all-important perfect black pants.  Featuring styles from New York’s Piece of Cloth, Equestrian, and Canada’s Up!, one has a golden opportunity to find her soulmate black pant.  And how many pairs of black pants does Ms. Shapery own?  “I’m not telling.  But I can tell you that it is more than 1 and less than 65.”

“We have a rather unusual item that is causing quite a stir in the store at the moment.  A company approached me with exclusive bedazzled fashion masks.  I really was not sure about purchasing them, but I thought as long as my customers need to be safe, they can be safe while being chic.  Who knew?”, states Judi. “We are giving a percentage of the proceeds from the mask sales to UCSD Health COVID-19.”

Oh- and did we discuss Judi’s store mascot? Gracie- the cutest and friendliest Maltese! You have to experience her to believe her!

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