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The business in the Limelight this week is another great place to stop by to pick up some amazing holiday gifts that will leave the person smiling! The business in the Limelight this week is Gracie & Company, a stylish La Jolla clothing boutique located on Girard ave. When I walked into the store the first things I noticed were the beautiful vibrant colors and buttery soft textures of their clothing. This beautiful boutique specializes in sophisticated and casual clothing for every occasion from going to a meeting to spending the day at the beach! I had the opportunity to speak to the owners to learn more about the business and pass on all the insider knowledge to you! 

The owners have had a clothing store in La Jolla since 1984, so it’s safe to say they know about clothes! Gracie & Co. is known for their beautiful cashmere and great fitting pants (something every woman can appreciate), but they also keep up to date with the latest and best trends so that their customers are always satisfied with their chic clothing. Nowadays, they recognize that women want beautiful classy clothing but with a more casual feel, so they are always searching for new brands and styles to meet their customers’ needs.

Boutique usually means expensive though right? That’s not true for Gracie & Co.! They have a large sales and clearance rack for those on a budget, just ask to see the “treasure” room! Another great experience when you shop at Gracie & Co. is that you won’t be overwhelmed with an abundance of clothes to sort through, like you would at a big department store. Gracie & Co. has an edited selection that makes it easy to style an outfit with different pieces in their store, so you won’t walk away with a pink top and orange pants and get home and realize you have no clothes to wear out! They even have an in store stylist that can help with events or custom style your personal closet!  

Gracie & Co. has become one of the amazing jewels you can find in La Jolla and keeps their customers looking stylish without having to spend hours at the mall at five different stores. Stop by 7458 Girard Ave and come visit this beautiful boutique and find your inner Meryl Streep. You might even get the chance to meet Grace Anne, a fancy little white dog who loves to meet customers and say hello!

By Jennifer Rios