Store Front

The year has flown by and it’s hard to believe it’s almost 2022. People with kids especially know how fast time flies because every time you blink they’ve grown! Little Love is our merchant in the Limelight this week and they help you deal with those insane growth spurts your kids keep having! Little Love is a designer children’s consignment boutique in La Jolla and they help you dress your kid in fashion while not having to spend thousands of dollars. I spoke with the owner Lindsey Fisher to ask her some questions about Little Love and what you should know about this amazing boutique.
The idea for little love began after Lindsey visited a children’s consignment boutique for her own child in New York City and realized what an amazing resource it was. She looked for one when she came back to La Jolla and she couldn’t find one. She saw the value in having that type of business in a community and decided to open her own in La Jolla! She offers a great selection of boys and girls clothes for all ages and is constantly getting new merchandise to keep up with new trends! She also shoots amazing Instagram live videos to showcase new merchandise so you can keep up with the newest designs. She receives merchandise locally and from all over the country to get the best clothes. She even connects with a cosigner in Paris to add a little international flair to the boutique!
Little Love has become a part of the La Jolla community. During the pandemic locals continued to pick up and drop off clothes at Little Love, supporting the local business with care and loyalty. Lindsey voiced her appreciation for her customers and is grateful to have her own son attending school in La Jolla and be a part of this wonderful community. Her two favorite store in La Jolla being Hi Sweetheart for the amazing décor, Marketplace Grille for their salmon, and the hidden gem, the Cave store! Little Love is a great addition to the community because it helps eliminate waste and recycle beautiful, stylish clothes that should be admired by the world! So stop by Little Love at 1110 Torrey Pines Rd. or check out their Instagram @littlelovesandiego. And don’t be afraid to share with any friends who don’t live in San Diego, Little Love also offers delivery!

Thank you for reading, and Happy Holidays La Jolla!

By Jennifer Rios